So you want to work in Japan?

We'll work with you to make that happen.
So you want to work in Japan? Great! But so do A LOT of other qualified people.

How are you going to make your resume stand-out? How are you going to ensure that your application gets you an interview? How do you prove to your potential employer that
your interest and initiative will help them achieve their goals?

That's what we’re here to do.

Every ALTInsider Resume Review is reviewed by our knowledgeable team, including former hiring managers, an experienced editor, and a number of long-term ALTs and Eikaiwa Teachers that understand what skills are required to be highlighted to employers.

Whether you need one final check before pushing "upload" on a job-hunting site, or help writing the first line of your resume, we are here to help.

  • If you're just getting started on your quest to find a job, check out "So you want to Work In Japan?" our complete guide for all you need to know about finding work in Japan here. 

Why Us?

We're passionate about helping people have as much fun as they can during their time in Japan. There are too many qualified people who really want to come to Japan that are stuck on the outside looking in because they can't land a job. Our goal is to help all of those people find a job that works for them. If you have the passion to work in Japan, we are dying to help you start your journey!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not satisfied with our work, we will work with you on unlimited free edits and revisions for up to three months! We're serious about helping others who want to work in Japan, so we're willing to keep working on it with you until your job search documents are exactly right.

THE Proofreader

$ 25

  • This level includes:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation check

  • Review of potential formatting issues

  • Unlimited revisions for up to three months

  • 4-day turnaround


$ 55

  • This level includes:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation check

  • Review of potential formatting issues

  • Unlimited revisions for up to three months

  • 4-day turnaround

  • Targeting your documents for your specific desired position

  • Extensive, multi-sourced review for clarity and effectiveness

  • We provide a completed version of your resume in our recommended format


$ 150

  • At this level, our team becomes your writing partner throughout the entire job search process! This level includes:

  • A completed version of your resume in our recommended format

  • 4-day turnaround

  • Completely personalized documents for the job opening you provide

  • Extensive, multi-sourced review for clarity and effectiveness

  • Personal consultation via Skype

Interview Preparation

After successfully landing an interview, you're not done yet! While a polished resume and effective cover letter can get you in the door, the interview is where you can either shine or wither. Our team is ready to help you prepare for this (potentially) nerve-wracking experience.


We'll give you strategies to show off your best attributes, and also help you determine what a particular employer might be seeking out of a job candidate. Whether you're looking at a Skype interview for a English kindergarten job, or you're facing the intimidating JET process, we will craft a strategy that's right for you.

Looking for a JET Programme Position?

We can help with that, too! From deciding if the JET Programme is right for you, to making sure you haven't forgotten any items on the resume checklist, we're here to help you.

Putting together that behemoth of an application, filling in all those online application boxes, and more importantly making sure your Statement of Purpose is as complete and as polished as it needs to be before the deadline, takes a substantial amount of time and energy. Let us assist you so that all your hard work doesn't go to waste. 

Samples of Our Work

The Process


Once you order is placed, an email will be sent to you detailing where to send your materials for us to review.

After confirming your materials, position description, and your selected service package, we begin reviewing/creating your resume.


When we're finished with our edits and suggestions, we send it back to you for your review. 


You'll review the first draft and let us know your thoughts on our changes and suggestions. We will revise your document (per your service level), and repeat this process until you're completely satisfied for up to 3 months!

If you find you require more assistance, you can upgrade your service at any time during the process.

You're ready to rock

We will send you the final draft in both PDF and Word formats, and you are ready to apply/interview/job hunt!

Our Proven Successful Format

Some words from our clients

(Excerpt from email) I'm just writing to thank you. Not only did I get a job in Japan, but they said it was the best and most professional resume they have ever read. Easy to read and straight to the point. So thank you for that. I will recommend you to the nth degree in the future. Thank you again for making my dream come true.Devon
James blew right past my expectations with his timely responses and advice. He knows his stuff and, more importantly, seems to genuinely care about my success.Kyle, JET hopeful
James and his team did a tremendous job in helping me with my SOP for my JET Application. With their judicious knowledge and input, I was able to transform my essay from one that had no clear direction or purpose to one that was well-structured and to the point. This strengthened my overall application and landed me an interview with the consulate! Now I take the next step and wait patiently to see if I get to hop onto that flight to Tokyo.Chris, JET hopeful
James took a look at my resume and made some MAJOR changes. At first I was nervous, but I landed an interview with the first company I submitted the new version to. Awesome experience.Roy, IT
Not sure where to start? Need something else?

If you need help with some other aspect of finding work in Japan that we haven't mentioned here, just let us know. ALT, Eikaiwa, Kindergarten, whatever your interest, we are here to help. So let us know what you need, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Already have an awesome job in Japan? 

If you've already got a job secured, you obviously don't need our services. What you do need is to be having more fun doing that job! is filled with articles, Lesson Plans and a Podcast to help you achieve that goal. Need some help with an aspect of teaching English in Japan? has something for your. Below is a link to a post, a podcast, and a game to get you started.

Message from James

I've had eight incredible years in Japan so far. While it hasn't all been rainbows and robots making sushi for me around the clock, I can without a doubt say I am VERY grateful for the help I received when I was pursuing my first job in Japan.

Now it's my turn to do the same for you. If you want to live in Japan, I implore you to make it happen. Maybe you don't need your resume reviewed, but just need a question answered. I'm here to help. Or maybe you're already a teacher, and you need a game for a lesson tomorrow that was just sprung on you at 3:00 on a Thursday. I'm here to help.  And maybe you're sitting there in your bedroom just dreaming about a life in Japan struggling with the first step like I was all those years ago. 

Don't just dream it, make it happen. My team and I are here to help!

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